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Homoeopathic Strategies and Maps for Acute Conditions

Dr Arpana Book Editor

The book “Homoeopathic Strategies and Maps for Acute Conditions” authored by Gaurang Gaikwad talks about 9 common acute conditions frequently encountered in our clinics.

The book includes a detailed list of nearly 25 remedies, with clinical indications from both classical and contemporary homoeopaths, for each condition.
What I appreciate about the book is that after going through the indications repeatedly, one can confidently choose a similimum for any of the 9 acute conditions. The best part of the book are the case studies by Dr. Gaurang and other homoeopaths, allowing readers to test their knowledge of the remedies covered in the book. Additionally, this book can be a good travel companion.

Gaurang Gaikwad for making me a part of the book journey. It was a pleasure and great learning working on the book!!!

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